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METABOLISM PHASE (Regular:$149/mo.) Discount Price: $129/mo.     2 OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM: 

  • Meta Synergy Capsule 

  • Keto Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Capsule




  • TRT Program (Regular:$199/mo.) Discount Price: $99/mo

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Welcome to Malama Health

Our telehealth and pharmacy services offer the latest anti aging treatments and therapies for men and women.  A Medical Provider that is licensed in your state will review, consult and approve your order.


Medical Weight loss is the one of many custom prescriptions that is now available on a convenient telehealth platform.  Submit your order today; receive your medications in 5-7 business days. 

Medical Appetite Suppressant: $71/mo. (Groupon only)  

30  Tablets (37.5mg or 45mg)

(Regular: $99/mo.)

Medical Fat Burner: $89/mo. (Groupon only)

30 Capsules that include the following: 

Caffeine, Phentermine, Naltrexone, and Vitamin B-12

(Regular: $129/mo.)

Advanced Medical Weight Loss: $116 /mo. (Groupon only)

30 Capsules that include the following:

Topiramate, Bupropion, Naltrexone, Phentermine and Vitamin B-12

(Regular: $149/mo.)


Malama Health is a digital patient script provider. You will be seen by a separate licensed medical practitioner who will make final decisions regarding treatment options, and whether testosterone therapy is a safe fit for you. All prescriptions are filled by a partner or pharmacy. Malama Health does not directly dispense or prescribe medication, and payment does not guarantee the prescribing or dispensing of a prescription. All payments are made for medical purposes only.